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Our story

Our Mission is simple! Empower MUSICIANS with new and unique ways to connect with SUPER FANS! We've done this by building a marketplace where musicians can sell their hottest digital and physical merch directly to their biggest supporters. FunDjinn caters to artists of all styles, genres and sizes.


Welcome to FunDjinn

How it all started

We started FunDjinn because we believe that musicians deserve a dedicated space to share physical and digital merchandise directly with music fans. So we got to work.

With FunDjinn, music fans can browse the latest artist merch without scrolling through thousands of unrelated listings. Fans can also go directly to their favorite artist's market and view new products.

On a mission to connect musicians and super fans

The FunDjinn team wants to create a world where musicians are rewarded for their creativity. A world where super fans can contribute to the success of their favorite musicians and get something timeless in return.

Let's craft this world together. Let's enjoy the art of creating and sharing. And let's have FUN!

Who we are

"Have fun, make music, make a difference.." - FunDjinn

A. Onike, Founder & CEO

A. Onike

Founder & CEO

Winston Wilson, CFO & COO

Winston Wilson


Jason "Vandal" Schadt, CTO

Isabella Garcia


Ayee Gutierrez, Marketing Manager

Ayee Gutierrez

Marketing Manager